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SPP Capital Advision Ltd - is a closed investment management company founded in 2014.

The Company is not attracting the capital from the third parties and is operating with owned assets only investing them on stock markets as well as making venture investments in start-up projects and innovation enterprises

The key activity of the company is an effective shareholder's
money management and making much of his investments.

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Liabilities of the company will be formed using the funds of shareholder and borrowed capital, and will not exceed 20 millions $
Equity share initially will be equal to 10% of the company's liabilities. Debit capital will be formed by the bank loans.
  • Portfolio of bonds
  • Portfolio of shares
  • Investments in real estate
  • Venture capital investments
  • Derivatives Trading
The mid-year return on investment in the first year will be equal 20% per annum with a further reduction by 1% per year due to the deleverage and diversification of the asset portfolio to the downside of the risk level.
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The investment portfolio of bonds of high credit quality allows at the same time:

- protect funds from inflation risks,
- obtain the target yield which is higher than deposits rates, due to the active use of the resources of the money market

Principles of the investment portfolio construction:

Assets: safe and liquid bonds of federal, sub-federal, municipal and "quasi-sovereign" emitents, as well as bonds of major corporations with the credit profile of high quality.

Optional: it is possible to include the "defensive" bonds with high or "floating" coupon and duration more than 2 years into the portfolio.

Diversification: the share of one emitent in the portfolio is not more than 20-30%

Duration: from 1 year to 20 years.
The primary goal of the proposed strategy is the forestalling of stock indexes, providing the growth of the portfolio even during the stock market up trend failure, as well as obtaining of an additional income in the form of dividend payments.

Assets safe and liquid stocks, ETF, ADR, GDR of world's major corporations with the credit profile of high quality.
Diversification the share of one emitent in the portfolio is not more than 10-15%
Optionally it is possible to include the "defensive" bonds with high dividend payments.
SPP Capital Advision Ltd provides the shareholder with the opportunity of becoming a rentier - co-owner of high quality retail real estate and in addition to participating in the value appreciation of the property you will get a stable monthly rental income

Portfolio of the real estate investments will include only liquid and high yield commercial real estate in major capitals and resorts of the world.
Venture capital investments will be in the field of innovation, because this factor usually provides high scalability and speedy progress of business start-up and, consequently, the return on investments.

SPP Capital Advision Ltd will raise the "smart money" for the project that is, not just funding, but also strategy, its practical experience, contacts and networks, access to potential partners and customers.

However, the level of risks stays very high because of uncertainty in the market prospects, technology and product. SPP Capital Advision Ltd will control its investment risks at maximum scale, and therefore to invest into those segments or stages of businesses that were expertized at the highest level.
Derivatives trading will be carried out by SPP Capital Advision Ltd primarily for the purpose of risks hedging of aggressive reduction of the value of the underlying asset at markets.

Basic instruments of risks hedging


  • futures
  • FRA - Forward rate agreement
  • swaps


  • futures
  • FRA -Forward rate agreement
  • swaps
SPP Capital Advision Ltd will control its trading risks at maximum level, carry out its activities aimed to the mitigating of the market impact to the outcomes and reduce adverse effects.
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